Poster of decision making biases

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A poster of 20 cognitive biases – knowing these helps you make better management decisions.

Making decisions is one of the most important duties of a manager. However, it is not that easy – psychologists have identified hundreds of heuristics or thinking patterns or cognitive biases. Here we have a selection 20 biases that hinder making sensible decisions.

You wonder what’s the point in reading them? What to do with this information? The best remedy against them is awareness: if you know they exist and try to avoid these when making decisions, you already have made considerable progress towards more sensible decisions.

To make it easier for you and your team to check yourself, we placed these 20 cognitive biases onto a poster that you can hang on the wall in your office. So, you or someone in your team can notice when somebody has stuck on these.

Use it as follows:

  • Place it on the wall in a meeting room or your office.
  • When you and your colleagues are making decisions, check whether you are avoiding these pitfalls.
  • And make a good decision.


  • Size 50 x 70 cm | 19,69” x 27,56”
  • Printed on high-quality glossy paper
  • Shipped in a sturdy poster tube
  • The frame is not included