POSTER #1 - the Observer

Ideas do not come out of the blue. In order to build ideas you first need to gather facts and knowledge. “It’s always been done like this” is not a good reason. As an Observer you should question existing practices. What problem must be solved? What assumptions should be updated? What is no longer true?

POSTER #2 - the Inventor

Grandma would’ve said about the Inventor that this child is quick on the uptake. As an Inventor take the raw materials from the Observer, combine it in novel ways and spice it up with ambition and crazy thinking – find the opportunities and generate a hundred solutions.

POSTER #3 - the Investigator

An Investigator is pragmatic – his job is to analyze the Inventor`s wild ideas and assess if they’re practical in the real world. As an Investigator you should compare, analyze and find out how feasible ideas are.

POSTER #4 - the Implementer

The Implementer is probably the Observer’s cousin – he also likes to constantly ask himself and others why we think what we think. As an implementer your job is to make ideas happen – for that, you’ll need to validate the Investigators best ideas and a plan of action.

Read about all 4 roles here


  1. Hang the posters to the wall of your home office or meeting room.
  2. Follow the questions on posters and get inspired :-)


  • Size 50 x 70 cm | 19,69” x 27,56”
  • Printed on high-quality glossy paper
  • Shipped in a sturdy poster tube
  • The frame is not included